Behaalotecha: Does G-d Need Our Mitzvoth?



Why would G-d, the source of all light, need our light? Why would G-d, divinity itself, need our divine acts? So why did He give us mitzvoth to do?

The answer lies in the mitzvah of kindling the Menorah, which the Midrash explains via an eye-opening analogy of a sighted person and a blind person. While walking on the road, the sighted one guides the blind one; while at home, the blind one illuminates the room for the sighted one by lighting a candle.

Life is less about basking in the light and more about generating light. The ultimate dignity is to be a giver rather than a taker. This is the gift of the mitzvah, which turns the bread of shame into a light unto the nations.

This sermon is learning about light, an inquiry into illumination, and a rhapsody on radiance.

It is topped off with an incredible story of a pole vaulter who reached unfathomable heights – a story guaranteed to open your eyes so that you may see the light.


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