Bereishit: G-d’s Alphabet: The ABCs of Creation



What is the secret to true communication? How do we reach another’s heart and soul?

We can find the answer in the way G-d communicated in creating the universe.

The Mishnah teaches that G-d created the world with Asarah Maamarot, Ten Utterances, as delineated in the opening of this week’s Torah reading – Bereishit/Genesis.

But who created the letters and alphabet that make up these utterances? Why is there no mention of that in the Torah?

Also, the verses of Genesis include only nine actual utterances. The word Vayomer, “And G-d said,” which indicates an utterance, is stated only nine times. Where is the tenth utterance?

Explains the Talmud, that the first Utterance is Bereishit, “In the beginning.” But how is Bereishit an utterance?

The Maggid of Mezritch offers us a revolutionary and magnificent teaching, by a fascinating reading of the first verse of the Torah, and in the process redefining the essence of creation itself – and the secret to effective communication.

Bereishit is the genesis and beginning of the creative process: the formation of the holy letters themselves.

A memorable teaching of the Lubavitcher Rebbe related to the famous haunting Yiddish melody, Oifen Pripertchik, and how Jewish children were classically trained in the Aleph Bet throughout the generations, inspires us to ingrain into our children the essence of Aleph, Bet, and the entire Torah!





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