Can You Start Your Life Over?



When things are not going well, especially when they get desperate, people often fantasize about starting life over. This also happens when we have regrets over grave, irreversible errors we may have committed, or serious traumatic experiences that have injured our psyches and worn us down. “If only I can turn the clock back.” “If only I had a second chance.” “If only I would be born into another body to another family.”

Is there indeed any hope after experiencing serious loss? Can we rebuild after betrayal? Are we doomed by our pasts, or is it possible to start life over?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this eye-opening talk and discover surprising cosmological and mystical insights on the very nature of life and the ability to renew your life, despite past experiences. Life can be seen as a series of routines, with “nothing new under the sun.” However we have another option: to travel “above the sun” and beneath the veneer, where you can tap into new and powerful reservoirs of energy and strength, which allow you to recreate your life and your relationships. Pretty exciting, no?


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