Chanukah: To Be the Wick or the Flame?



Published 8/12-16/12

Are you a wick or a flame?

As much as you try to be positive, at times it seems so difficult to bring light into this dark world. Yet we all have that capacity. Within us all lies an eternal spring of hope – a “pilot flame” that burns continuously. But on the other end of things, we are also consumed by our material concerns and survival – let’s call that the “wick.”

The physical wick and the spiritual flame constantly compete for our attention. That struggle is the story of our lives – to be the wick or to be the flame? The fascinating thing is that both are necessary, as indeed no flame can burn without the wick which provides its fuel. Some of us may be more wick-oriented and others flame-oriented, but each of us contains both and requires both to accomplish our mission in this world.

This sermon discusses powerful lessons from Chanukah’s flames, explaining how to take these lessons and put them to relevant use in our lives – in the business world, in our closest relationships, in educating our children – how to ignite our wick, reveal our unique light and illuminate our surroundings, even the darkest crevices.


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