Chukat: Daily Miracles: Do You Appreciate What You Have?



Do we even know what’s happening in our lives? Do we know how much has to go right for us to breathe? Are we aware of the miracles that sustain our nature?

When we stop to think about it – or even if we don’t stop – we realize how much the people in our lives do for us, how much they love us … how our parents care for us, how our children invigorate us, how our employers provide us with opportunities, how our employees facilitate us.

If this is true of us, humans of flesh and blood, how much more so – infinitely more so – is it true of the Master of the Universe. Every second of every moment of every day our Master makes us, remakes us, creates us, recreates us, enlivens and ignites every fiber of our being.

A seemingly far-out interpretation from Rashi on a seemingly straightforward series of Torah verses teaches us the behind-the-scenes presence of God.

And a powerful story about the previous Chabad Rebbe (who was miraculously released from prison on the 12th of Tammuz in 1927) instructs us how to access the power to perceive and realize the hidden miracles in our lives.


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