Customizable Birthday Guide

Birthday Guide


Birthday Guide + Toward a Meaningful Life



This personalized and fully prepared Birthday Guide, enables you to distribute a professionally designed, content rich guide to your community members to celebrate their birthdays and deepen their understanding of this meaningful day.

  • Make it your own! Your logo, your name, your dedication and personal signature. Add your Mosad’s info throughout the guide.
  • Cover note included, for you to personally address your constituents. Print out or email with your personal letterhead.
  • Share a 6-step method to tap into the awesome strength of a birthday with your donors, community members and new prospects.
  • A perfect gift! With impressive design and content, this guide is the perfect gift from a spiritual leader/Rabbi.
  • Thought provoking insights and exercises to help make each person’s birthday special, meaningful and memorable.
  • It’s for everyone! Guide your community, one person at a time, on a powerful Birthday Journey that can dramatically transform every aspect of their life.

You will receive a customized, print- ready PDF of your guide, to be used as a digital file or a print out as many times as you’d like.

Every person’s birthday unleashes an extremely potent and exclusive power. On this day a specific SOUL came down to Earth with a unique PURPOSE and MISSION. Help your constituents celebrate their indispensable contribution to the world and infuse their year with joy, love, abundance and meaning.

**SPECIAL OFFER** We present the perfect birthday gift! Pair our Birthday Guide with a timeless book that will help start the new year in the right state of mind. With this package, you will receive the Customizable Birthday Guide PLUS 50 hard cover copies of the best-seller, Toward a Meaningful Life (at 30% off).

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Birthday Guide

Birthday Guide, Birthday Guide + Toward a Meaningful Life


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