Eikev: Fake It Till You Make It



What do you do when you are committed to something but are not in the mood of doing it? Say, a promise you made to your spouse, or an obligation you have to a loved one. Should you do it anyway – and risk feeling like a fake or a hypocrite or should you be “honest” to your feelings and simply not do it?

Is there any truth to the slogan made popular by Alcoholics Anonymous “Fake It Till You Make It”? Or the words of Aristotle: “acting virtuous will make one virtuous”?

Long before AA and even Aristotle, one seemingly simple word “what” (mah) in this week’s Torah portion – and one additional letter, changing mah to me’ah – teaches us volumes how to overcome one of life’s great challenges: what to do when you are not in the mood…

A strange interpretation by Tosafos on this verse, surprising insights from auto mechanics, a Chelm solution to problems – all come together in an inspiring and entertaining mix to offer us fundamental lessons in everything from jumpstarting a dull marriage to finding personal inspiration, from exciting children to reviving your soul.


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