Haazinu: Lessons from the American Bald Eagle




The number “thirteen” surrounds the American bald eagle on the Great Seal of the United States.

There is an olive branch with thirteen leaves in the eagle’s right talon and a bundle of thirteen arrows in its left. There are also thirteen stars above its head and thirteen stripes on the shield it supports. And there are even thirteen letters in each of the two of its mottos, E Pluribus Unum and Annuit Coeptis.

What does it mean? What is the mystical meaning of the eagle?

The Torah has an answer.

What cryptic messages are concealed in this week’s Torah reading? And how can this all teach us the secret of mercy, compassion and empathy?

Based on the concept of Divine Providence and that everything we encounter offers us life lessons, what personal messages does the Torah illuminate for us that we can derive from the Great Seal printed on the currency we carry in our pockets?

The answer is found in this eagle-eyed sermon.



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