Happiness: Inherent or Acquired?



Can every one be happy? The way some people describe their negativity and even hopelessness, you would think that not everybody is blessed with the capacity to be happy. But that is not true. Happiness seems to be inherent to the human condition. Look at children. They are naturally happy people. Buoyant and enthusiastic. So then, how do happy children become sad adults? When and how do they lose their positivity? How do calm children become anxious adults? And how can we retrace the steps and reclaim our inherent joy?

The answer to these questions carries the secret to happiness

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this journey into our core beings and discover the natural spring of joy flowing in the inner chambers our hearts and souls. Yes indeed, beneath and within layers upon layers of your assumed personality and collective experiences lies a live reservoir brimming with optimism and happiness. And it’s waiting to be released. Learn how to access and actualize the natural joy that is your birthright.


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