Hidden Miracles Are Easy to Find



“Do you believe in miracles?” is one of the most common questions asked. But before we answer that question, we need to first define the meaning of a miracle. Is it a fantastical, nature-suspending event (like the parting of the sea), or is it an awesome and unique event (like giving birth)?

Our sages teach us that one experiencing a miracle often does not recognize the miracle that has transpired. Other scholars say that nature is simply a “continuum of miracles” whose repetition make them seem like common “natural events.”

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he explores the anatomy of a miracle, and its role in our lives. Discover surprising facts about the “natural” forces that define the parameters of your experiences. Learn how to tap into deeper reservoirs of energy in your soul, and in the process find out how you can easily detect hidden miracles inside and around you.


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