How to be More Productive — Step 1: Atzilus; Vision



Applying the four-step Kabbalistic model to actualizing your dreams

Are you seeking to become more productive in your life? To actualize your potential and dreams? How often do you have a great idea but find it difficult to implement? Or the other way around: You may be good at execution, but find it challenging to find an exciting idea to embrace. Some people are visionaries; others at bringing a vision into reality. Is there a method to bridge the two — and have the best of both worlds: function and form, soul and body, the big picture and the details?

Now, for the first time, discover a powerful, life transforming Kabbalistic model which lays out the four vital steps to realize any concept and idea; a methodology to develop a successful project and build a lasting structure of every type — from establishing a healthy relationship to perfecting your communication, from writing a book to composing a song, from crafting a business plan to building an edifice. These four steps will help you in every aspect of your life.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in a unique 4-part series, in which he deciphers these four steps and applies them to help you reach your goals. Learn how to harness the power of the four spiritual “worlds” in manifesting new ideas and projects – from concept to fruition, from form and structure to end result.

Step 1: Atzilus; Vision
Step 2: Beriah; Outline
Step 3: Yetzirah; Shape
Step 4: Assiyah; Finalize

This week’s program begins with Step 1: Atzilus. It addresses the first necessary step: Having a vision. Before building anything you need a clear and crystallized vision of what you want to achieve — an overriding concept, a birds eye view which connects all the details, allowing you to see the forest from the trees. Imagine what it would be like if a builder started laying bricks before there was an architectural plan… if actors began to rehearse before a story line was conceived and written… if a design preceded purpose.

Whether you are a “big idea” person, a project manager or looking to be think in a more organized way and be more efficient, you won’t want to miss this series.


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