How to Build a Strong and Unbreakable Relationship



The enduring health of a relationship lays at the core, and is the key to the success, of virtually every human experience. Yet, it seems very difficult to build a lasting relationship, as reflected by the high rate of divorce — whether legal or emotional. What are the ingredients for building a strong and unwavering connection and commitment. Is it possible and realistic to expect love forever after — an eternal and unbreakable bond, or is that matter of fantasy?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he delves into this greatest of challenges, and discover the primary elements necessary, and the inherent strengths each of us has, in building a powerful and secure relationship. Like every structure, love requires an unshakable foundation. Many relationships lack or have a weak foundation. Learn how to evaluate the strength of your foundation, how to distinguish between the symptoms and the roots of a compromised bond, and how to construct or repair your foundation — to the point of establishing a permanent and immortal union.


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