How to Fall Asleep: Insights from Kabbalah



You would think that the aspiring soul would be seeking to become more awake and aware, to heighten its cognizance and consciousness, not to learn how to… fall asleep. Yet sleep contains fascinating secrets and mysteries of regenerating our psyches and our souls. Learning how to sleep — and how to fall asleep — can teach us how to become more awake and more aware.

What is sleep? What happens when we sleep? What can we do to have a more restful and peaceful sleep?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he probes the mysterious world of sleep and its effect on our souls. Discover the journey of your psyche during sleep, and how to tap into the inner forces that rejuvenate your inner being, and truly begin a fresh new day. Learn how sleep can bring you alive — psychically and spiritually — in unprecedented ways, enhancing your life and your relationships.


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