Is God Orthodox? Religious Fundamentalism and Spirituality



The recent controversy about orthodoxy and unorthodoxy is nothing new. It reflects the long-standing debate about the role of God in our lives — and even the very existence of God. For centuries now, battles have been raging between science and religion, reason and faith, modernity and belief.
But before we enter the fray, should we not first be defining the actual meaning of God, religion, faith and spirituality? Without fully understanding these terms, how can we know what we are disagreeing over and whether we are truly in disagreement at all? As one great mystic told the self-proclaimed atheist: The God you don’t believe, I don’t believe in either.
What, for example, is the difference between religion and spirituality? Can one be complete and healthy without the other? What is God like and why is He relevant to us? Does being religious automatically make one a fundamentalist? Can I be “orthodox” and live a life of happiness and freedom? Can faith and modernity be reconciled and balanced in today’s society?
Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson as he dissects these critical issues, digs into their very core roots and comes away with a surprising and refreshing take on God, faith, religion — and its far reaching implications in our lives.


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