Shoftim: Is There a Secret to Love?



The deepest crisis we face today is a personal one: How do I find and maintain healthy and enduring love in this crazy world?

Where is the best place to discover the secret to lasting relationships? Therapists, self-help books, Dear Abby? Most of us would never think of looking at the most obvious place – yet the most unexpected: Our own history. Of all nations and peoples in the world, which one has endured throughout the ages? The Jews must have done something right in marrying and building families that have lasted through the harshest conditions! What secret did they know in how to build everlasting relationships?

The answer can be found in (what some may think as) an unlikely place – the month in which we find ourselves now, Elul, whose sign is Virgo, and one of the acronyms making up the word Elul is Ani l’dodi v’dodi li, meaning “I am to my beloved, and my beloved is to me.”

These four words capture the elusive ingredients of a relationship – the fusion of two distinct entities becoming one. The mystery of how they can actually retain their distinct personalities without becoming lost in the union. In the process we also discover the answer to a theological quandary: How can mortal humans have a loving relationship with an immortal G-d? How is it possible for the finite to touch the infinite?



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