The Kabbalah of Wine: The Mystique and Power of This Intoxicating Drink



Wine is one of the oldest and most symbolic drinks in human history. It is an integral part of many religions and cultures. Until this very day it plays a significant social role, in everything from cuisine, as a staple in the human diet, to wine collecting and tasting. Entire magazines are dedicated to wine enthusiasts. The wine industry is major, spawning a large number of occupations and professions, ranging from the individuals who grow the grapes, prepare the wine, bottle it, sell it, assess it, market it and finally make recommendations to clients and serve the wine. Wine’s mystique continues to cast its shadow over society.

What lays beneath this mysterious drink? Why has it become so popular — far more than the fruit that produces it? Anything with such a hold on people must have deeper psychological, spiritual and mystical meaning. What gives wine its intoxicating power?

In his inimitable style to address unconventional topics and discover in them unexpected personal lessons, please join Rabbi Jacobson as he uncovers the inner secrets of wine and its message to us. Learn how this drink, in all its vintages, contains the power to help us unlock our unconscious and actualize our tremendous potential.


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