Ki Teitzei: Fences, Defenses and Offences



Should we lead mediocre lives with less risk of falling and failing and getting hurt, but also with less reward?

Or should we reach for the stars, climbing as high as we may, which involves the very real risk of falling hard and getting hurt?

As they say, the higher they climb, the harder they fall. Perhaps it’s best not to climb high and maintain the status quo.

Yet the Torah commands: You must build – build high – innovative structures, dwellings for holiness and purity. How do you fulfill that mitzvah and at the same time ensure that neither you nor others fall off these high structures and get hurt?

By surrounding your roofs with guardrails. Literally and figuratively. Guardrails allow you to fulfill your high purpose without ever getting arrogant or haughty.

As the Mitteler Rebbe stated, somewhat cryptically, “Even if you become an onion, spirituality you shall share.”

What can onions teach us about arrogance?


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