Ki Tissa: Strength in Suffering



Every tragic death reminds us (or should remind us) of all other senseless losses – and unbearable pain – known or unbeknown to us. How many broken hearts are crying around the world at this very moment?

In difficult times like these, the timeless question resurfaces: Why? Why do terrible things happen to good people?

For answers and reassurance, we have nowhere to turn but to the eternal strengths we glean from those that faced these issues before us – first and foremost our ancestors, whose challenges and victories are recorded in the Torah.

In this week’s Torah reading, Moses shows us the way to finding reassurance by connecting with G-d.

There has never been a greater need for a Higher Power in our lives – for connecting with G-d and gaining strength and confidence. The continuing quest to touch G-d, and understand His plan for creation has never been more acutely felt than when our infrastructures, institutions and global equilibrium are shaken to the core – and especially now as the upheaval in the Middle East creates instability in the entire region and the world.

In a deeply moving and fascinating dialogue, Moses probes the inner workings of G-d. “Show me Your face,” Moses implores, implying in so many words: “Show me how You work, show me that You are with us in our darkest moments, show me that we can prevail over all challenges.” But G-d answers, “No man can see Me and live.”

Discover the lessons G-d’s answer contains for us in our struggles and challenges, and how we can learn to come close to G-d and allow Him to give us courage and fortitude in the midst of a trembling universe.






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