Jewish Mother’s Cure for Jihad



Jewish mothers are the ultimate stereotype. Can’t you just hear it? “My son the doctor, my son the lawyer, my son always takes care of his Momma” … “Don’t run outside without a coat, its 96 degrees out there and you may catch a cold” … “Why didn’t you finish your dinner? Are you trying to starve yourself? Did you know that when I was growing up I could only dream of such a meal?”

Where did this stereotype come from? What are its origins? And how can the stereotype of the Jewish mother help combat the radicalism raging throughout the Middle East and the world?

That is our topic today – I kid you not – the Jewish mother’s cure for whatever ails us, be it war, plague, Ebola or even radical Islam.

Radical Islam – the kind that snuffs out life and wages jihad against any so-called infidel, which seems to include pretty much anyone disagreeing with its murderous intentions – has been analyzed and dissected from here to Tora Bora. And I’d like to meet the person who understands it. Meanwhile, the subject is on our lips daily because every single day radical Islam makes horrifying news in one form or another, with the latest being the assassination attempt of Yehuda Glick by a member of Islamic Jihad, and the subsequent closing of the Temple Mount.

This sermon analyzes the origins of radical Islam in the birth of Ishmael, who unfortunately did not have a Jewish mother. And then it shows how the Jewish mother is the source of the cure for all that ails us.


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