You Are A Superstar



Have you ever looked up to the stars? What transformative message do they contain? What can they teach us?

Now, there are stars and there are stars. What is the difference between a superstar on earth and a superstar in heaven?

What is over 25 trillion miles away from us (one of the few things greater than the US deficit!), was shown to our ancestor nearly four millennia ago and that revelation contains a lesson for us today that is more relevant than ever? In short: You are a superstar.

With all types of superstars out there – from Hollywood to athletes – you might sometimes wonder: “Am I star? Do I shine bright, illuminating the atmosphere and people around me? I don’t always feel like a star, perhaps I’m just along for the ride, orbiting around someone else’s charisma and energy?”

In this week’s Torah reading – Parshat Lech Lecha – we learn that Abraham had similar thoughts. Not necessarily about himself but about the future. He and Sarah had no children and he asked God how exactly he was meant to perpetuate his mission in this world if he had no children?

So God showed him the stars, and said: “So shall be your seed.”

You, me, he, she, we who are Sarah and Abraham’s children, are stars, superstars, heavenly rock stars. So let it shine!

Through a surprising analysis of this week’s parsha, a deeply moving story about a child with Down Syndrome, and a powerful old Jewish parable, this sermon explains how a vision shown to Abraham nearly four millennia ago can change our lives today … how we can learn to be the superstars we truly are.


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