Why Jerusalem?



According to Muslim oral tradition, the second caliph of Islam, Umar himself, cleaned the Temple Mount from the refuse accumulated during the times of Christian reign and allowed 70 Jewish families to return to their holy city.

That’s how great the respect of Muslims used to be for the place where the Jewish Temple once stood. As well, they used to demonstrate tolerance – if not respect – for Jews and for Judaism from which many of the tenets of Islam are taken.

So what has changed? Why are Muslims today attacking Jews throughout the holy city of Jerusalem and throughout the Holy Land as a whole?

How can it be that Jerusalem of gold has turned into Jerusalem of blood, as Jewish innocents are slaughtered at the hands of an enemy? And what can we do about it. How can we usher in a time when the world will again see how holy Jerusalem truly is and that they must do everything in their power to protect it and its people?

The answer lies in the Torah, of course, actually in this week’s portion, which speaks of the King of Salem, and how he named this holy city; and of Abraham who gave the holy city a name of his own.

When we live up to the name Yerushalayim, “Jerusalem,” the world will stand in reverence and awe, and all of humanity will witness a complete and everlasting peace.


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