Matot-Massei: Bittersweet: A Lesson from Almonds



What lessons in serving our Creator may we learn from the man in the Oval Office?

President Barack Obama recommends almonds – legend has it, seven almonds exactly – as a healthy and delicious snack.

Almonds contain nutrients. They also contain cyanide. Most importantly, they contain profound lessons in serving G-d and turning a life made bitter by devastation into one that is sweet.

The Haftorah of this week, from the Book of Jeremiah, speaks of the devastation visited upon Israel and of the prophecy that we will see justice done in the end.

In the course of this prophecy why does Jeremiah speak of almonds? What do almonds have to do with the Temple’s destruction and its ultimate rebuilding?

Everything. Grab a handful of these wonderful nuts, make a blessing, and chew on these foods for thought.


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