Mishpatim: Four Guardians & One Donkey



What does a donkey have to do with your soul? What do the four guardians have to do with your purpose?

Everything. Every detail in the Torah is a lesson in life. The fact that this week’s Torah portion teaches us the laws about a donkey and about the four guardians means that they contain directives for our souls and our life’s purpose.

But what relevance do these Torah laws have today when most people have never even seen a live donkey? How can the laws of the four guardians be pertinent today when most people think The Guardian is a newspaper?

A soul-warming teaching of the holy Shaloh, and a mind-blowing explanation of the Baal Shem Tov, demonstrate how precisely today, when certain Torah laws may seem to be archaic, the eternal profundities of Torah are revealed.

This sermon is further spiced by a sharp and witty story of Rabbi Yonasan Eybeschutz about how sometimes donkeys walk on two feet.


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