Naso: The Secret of the Priestly Blessing



The Priestly Blessing – which is recorded in this week’s Torah reading, Parshat Naso – is bestowed upon Israel by the Kohanim, the priestly family descended from Aaron, the first High Priest.

What does this blessing mean to us today? What does it promise to the Children of Israel?

This sermon addresses the nuances of the Priestly Blessing and its cosmic effect on ourselves, our environment, and our world – especially when we see a world increasingly spiraling out of control (as in the latest terrorist attack in Orlando). And it demonstrates that unlocking the secret to world peace (contained within the Priestly Blessing) requires us to answer the following question:

How can we earthly creatures raise up our faces to G-d in heaven, so that He, too, will turn His face toward us and shine His light down upon us?

The answer is intriguing and comes by way of the Talmud, the Midrash and the mystical insights of the Alter Rebbe. Hint: it has to do with one tiny olive and one small egg.


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