Nitzavim: Circumcise Your … Heart?



Do you have heartburn? Put more accurately: Does your heart burn?

Well, it should. It should burn with the love of G-d, as this week’s Torah reading tells us. But getting there is a challenge.

This heartfelt, heartwarming sermon will explore that age-old Jewish custom, that of circumcising the heart.

Huh? Did yours just skip a beat? Come discover what exactly it means to circumcise your heart, and how this highly nuanced procedure is preformed.

Learn about a paramedic that paged himself to his very own heart attack.

And meet the finest heart surgeon on planet earth, and find out how he differs from a car mechanic – even if it’s one who can fix a Rolls Royce.

What better way to prepare for the New Year than to fine tune our hearts?


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