Lessons from Procrastination



Israel is on our minds and in our hearts. This week of floods and arks comes when a deluge of hatred is trying to drown out the pure and peaceful ark that is Israel. What do you do when you are inundated by a surge of raging floodwaters? By waves of violent attacks against innocent people? How do you protect yourself? You build an ark. Both a physical and spiritual one.

But it’s not that simple. Building an ark takes time. And yet, that itself teaches us an invaluable lesson Why do all the important things in life seem to take forever to accomplish? Finding love? So complex. Finding purpose and meaning? Impossibly difficult. Building a family? Immensely challenging. Why can’t it be easier?

Why can’t it take less time? It took Noah 120 years to build the ark. What does that teach us? That he was no expert builder, for one. Imagine if you hired him to build your house – it would probably be ready for your great grandkids.

Couldn’t G-d find a better contractor? But perhaps the point is not swift completion but what can be accomplished through the process of building. Perhaps the only way to teach the world how to be stormier than the storm, deeper than the flood, is to teach the world how to build an ark. And perhaps the only way to teach the world how to build an ark is to show them how to build it.


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