Mission Statement



“Why am I here?” is perhaps the most important question in life. No business can function without a mission statement. Can you and I?

This week’s Torah reading tells the story of Noah and the flood. What personal relevance can we find in this ancient narrative, which seems so removed from life today? Like Noah, who was commanded to leave the ark and rebuild the world, so must we. And like Noah, who rode through the waters of the flood to rediscover his life’s mission, so must we.

But if we don’t know why we are here, how can we accomplish our mission? If we don’t have a mission statement, how can we know where we are headed?

Our lives begin and our beings are shaped in the nine months we spend in the waters of the womb. But then comes the time of birth – we must leave the comfort and protection of our ark in the water-world and enter dry land. On land we may feel disconnected from our source, but that precisely is the challenge – to create awareness in a dry and detached world. To distinguish between the means and the ends and, as form follows function, to direct all our efforts toward our higher goals .Hence the need to know our mission in life and to know how we are going to fulfill it.

Using the business model, this sermon will provide specific, concrete guidelines toward developing a focused personal mission statement for getting (and staying) on track.


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