Pesach Day 7: Does The Sea Split For Sinners?



Is there hope for someone who has had a setback and failed? Can we help the disenchanted and the disoriented?

In broader terms: When the Redemption comes, will all Jews be redeemed, or only the righteous?

The parting of the sea, which happened today and which we just read about, offers us a remarkable approach to dealing with people who have given up, and the anomalies that may not fit in.

Did the sea split for all Jews, or only some of them? Even for the sinners, or only for the saints?

A fascinating unknown factoid about Dathan and Aviram, Israel’s archetypal troublemakers, teaches us wonders and miracles about the splitting of the sea, and its invaluable lessons — which are relevant today more than ever — in how the “sea” can “part” and the impossible be achieved even for those that have lost hope.

Yes, you have to sea this sermon to believe it.


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