Pesach Second Day: A Scientific View of the Ten Plagues



Published on: 4/24/16

The DNA of all the world’s matter has been programmed by God in a calculated and healthy way. But what happens when matter mutates and gets corrupted at the hands of man, as it happened when Egypt cruelly enslaved and choked – Mitzrayim from the word constriction – another people?

Re-programming is needed.

A Talmudic debate about the number of the plagues – Was each plague really four-plagues-in-one or five-plagues-in-one? Were the ten plagues really forty plagues or fifty or more? – coupled with recent studies about DNA, genomes and a bacterium called Mycoplasma mycoides, teach us the deepest secrets of Passover and especially the ten plagues! For the ten plagues were God’s mechanism for re-programming nature corrupted by depravity.

Decipher the meaning of the mysterious ten plagues and discover how they can help us face our present challenges and reach unprecedented heights.

As a great American painter once quipped: “Art begins with the getting-rid of nature.” Well, according to that definition, the ten plagues are the greatest works of art ever created.


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