Pikudei: Living in a Cloud



A big difficulty people have with religion is its seemingly all-encompassing and uncompromising nature. They ask:

Does the Torah allow me to express myself as an individual? If I have to eat what the Torah says I have to eat, if I have to wear what the Torah says I have to wear, if I have to live as the Torah tells me to live, then how can I be me?

These are all very good questions. And they are addressed in the Torah itself, via a clear description of a cloud (as opposed to a cloudy description of clarity). 

The cloud is a fascinating concept, especially when it comes to today’s technology. There is the iCloud, and cloud computing, and cloud services and working “in the cloud.” 

Like the cloud of the Internet, the Torah directs us without coercing us; it allows us to experience the cocoon without babying us; it allows us to connect with the world without chaining us to it. 

This is what we learn from this week’s Torah reading which describes the Cloud of Glory – the divine cloud which bestows upon us a rainstorm of blessings, saturating us with life and truth. 

No umbrellas required.


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