Preventive vs. Symptomatic Medicine: How to Preempt Problems



Over $4 trillion is spend annually on health care in the United States alone.  It’s probably more than double that — over $9 trillion — in the entire world. How much of that health care could have been prevented? How many medical situations are self-imposed? How many are related to psychological and emotional matters? How many health interventions are unnecessary — unneeded medication, therapy or other superfluous activities?

We may never find the answers to those questions, but everyone would agree that preventive medicine is immeasurably superior to remedial medicine. (Not to mention the billions if not trillions of dollars it would save). The big question is then: What can we do to preempt health issues in the first place, instead of having to deal with their painful symptoms after the fact? To answer that we need to go one step to the biggest question of them all: What exactly is health and how do we maintain it?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this groundbreaking presentation on the very nature of health and the roots of illness. Employing the formula hidden in the acronym of this Hebrew month of Iyar, we discover the perfect balance which defines health — a state of wholeness and holiness (both associated with the etymology of the word health). Learn how to create a harmony in your life, which can help prevent many of our maladies and problems.


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