How to Be a Radical Warrior for Goodness & Kindness



What cause are you ready to fight for? Where do your passions lie? What are you obsessed with? What excites you? The answer to these questions will reveal much about you — that is, about your current state of affairs — and your choices and priorities.

Many people will say that they are most passionate about fleeting, ephemeral pleasures. Superficial things that provide instant gratification — sports, entertainment, money, sexuality. But imagine living a life driven by the passion to do good and help others? A life in which your greatest euphoria comes from refined love, eternal values, and long term impact? Is it possible that we are replacing transcendent exhilaration with shallow bursts of passing joys? Are we avoiding and numbing our inner fires with quick thrills?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this provocative talk challenging the things we value most. Learn how to take a deeper look at your life and your commitments and discover what you truly believe in. Your true voice. Uncover passions that may have long been buried and dormant in your psyche — and find out how to release them in an ecstatic surge. Instead of being part of the problem, become part of the solution; become a pioneer — a radical warrior for goodness and kindness.


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