Rosh Hashanah Day One: The Message for 5777



Spoken in The Holy Tongue

In a year of racism, growing cultural divides, murder in the name of “G-d,” what does Judaism and Torah have to say?

How does the shofar answer the call of world peace? Today is the day of creation – what tools did the Creator put in our hands to give us the power to unify the world?

It all has to do with a man named Jehoseph?

Who was Jehoseph? Jehoseph was a man who was freed from prison on Rosh Hashanah. Jehoseph is better known by a shorter version of his name: Joseph.

To understand the movements of the world today, the clashes of civilizations, cultures, religions, languages, let us follow Joseph’s story.

Sold into slavery and thrown into prison, he was freed on Rosh Hashanah and elevated to the most powerful position in Egypt after Pharaoh. Subsequently, the Angel Gabriel added a letter to his name and taught him seventy languages. And that’s how he became the world’s preeminent economist, investor, civil and urban planner, ultimately fulfiller of dreams and divine visions.

What can we learn from Joseph’s liberation on Rosh Hashanah? Can the steps he took to transform Egypt back then liberate us today on this Rosh Hashanah and transform Egypt, the Middle East, and all the world into a world of seventy tongues that all convey the one Holy Message originally expressed in the Holy Tongue?

The secret lies in the expansive blast of the shofar – listen closely and you will hear.


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