Rise From the Ashes



Is there hope after loss? Rebuilding after destruction? Love after betrayal? Life after death?

Too often we give up after we have experienced hurt and disappointment, especially when the abuse is repeated and sustained. Once our trust has been breached, it becomes increasingly difficult to trust again. After being invalidated and rejected time after time, a demoralized child tragically begins to lower his/her expectations, to the point of feeling resigned that s/he does not deserve to be loved and nurtured. As the child grows into an adult this lack of confidence haunts the development of healthy relationships.

What can be done about this? Can you grow beyond your traumas and pains?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this special Tisha B’Av program, and discover how this saddest day of the year paradoxically contains the secret to the most fundamental truths in life: How to rebuild trust after betrayal and regain hope after loss. Learn methods how to rise and grow from the ashes even when your “structures” may have burned down. How the deepest redemption is born in the flames of destruction.


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