Rosh Hashanah Day One: The Greatest Gamble



A Boardroom Without Boredom

Today we ask: Why did God take such a great risk and create the human being? Man has the power to destroy. Indeed, history is testimony to the great injustices and genocides that humans have perpetrated against each other. Why then would God risk his entire beautiful universe and create someone who can destroy it all?

This sermon comes to address the question: Can the world be complete without man? Or, put more cynically: Can the world be complete withman?

Rosh Hashana is the day man was created. Prior to Rosh Hashana, everything but man was brought into being. And all of it was working pretty well. Then God created the human being. But was this a good idea? What void did God see, and why did God think man could fill it?

We will analyze the anatomy of a business partnership to answer these questions. And we will discover that when a Jew performs a mitzvah, he or she literally partners with God in creation!

Through the prism of partnership, we discover that, without man, creation itself would be incomplete. It’s not like God could have created a perfect world without man, and then just added man to take it to the next level. (Like Coca Cola created the perfect drink – Coke Classic – and then created a new drink to reach a new weight-conscious market – Diet Coke.) Without man creation itself would remain lacking; it would be like Coca Cola without the fizz (in other words, not Cola at all).

Without the bubbles, Coke would be flat. Without you, the world would be flat.

Osmotically, this lends perspective into the Jews’ relationship with their Creator. It isn’t merely top-down, where God makes all the rules and we follow them like subservient sheep sans personality; it certainly isn’t bottom-up, where everything we do is primary and God is but an afterthought; rather, it is a two-way partnership.


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