Shabbat Shuva: Does Autocorrect Solve Problems or Create Them?



Does Autocorrect Solve Problems or Create Them?

In the summer of 1996, Ron Fein, a program manager at Microsoft Word,
composed a humorous Talmudic spoof on web programming.

He shared it with his boss, Dean Hachamovitch, also of the tribe. You probably never heard of Dean Hachamovitch, but, if you have ever texted, you have certainly used an invention he helped create.


What can autocorrect teach us about correcting our mistakes and petrifying…perfecting our typos?

When we make a mistake is it better to push it down and hide it or try to lift it up and elevate it?

There is a Talmudic debate over the matter. Based on our Haftorah of Shabbat Shuva, one great sage says G-d will hide our wrongs, while another great sage opines that G-d will lift our transgressions.

Which one is it?

And when we make a mistake that is not autocorrected, is it best for us to hide it so that it does not distract us or elevate it so that it becomes transformed good?


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