Shemini Atzeret: What’s In The Forecast? Rain, Rain, Rain




The intricacies of rain can wet your palate and drench your soul.

An average of approximately 121,000 cubic miles of rain falls every year on planet Earth. Close to four-fifths of that falls over the oceans, while one-fifth falls onto land.

There is an arid dry country in Africa whose currency is named “rain” due to its scarcity. When it rains there is doesn’t poor.

There is mountain in Hawaii where it rains like 350 days a year.

The question is: Why do we pray for rain on Shemini Atzeret? What’s the connection?

When was the first rainstorm in history?

What can rain teach us about life?

Are we all droplets in a bucket or are we something more?

The Talmud compares the rain day to the ingathering of exiles and Jewish unity. In this sermon you will find out why.

Two stories, one about rainmaking and one about fishing after fresh rain will have you laying down your umbrella forever and grabbing life by the rains.


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