7 Va’eira Sermons to Choose From



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1. Passion: Virtue or Vice?
Do you ever wish you were more passionate about things? This week we read that G-d turned water (or cool indifference) into blood (or fiery passion). And the message of this first of the ten plagues for us today couldn’t be more clear.
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2. Why Are So Many Jews Alienated from their Tradition?
What is it about Jews and their alienation from things Jewish? The fault lies in the detachment of faith from reality, in the divorce of ritual from the spiritual. This week’s Torah reading reminds us about Judaism’s profound spirituality and relevance, as it demonstrates to us the four paths to true freedom.
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3. Marketing 101: How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market
As a rabbi, I deal with this challenge on an ongoing basis: How to make Judaism stand out and relevant in the large marketplace of ideas. The first documented marketing secret – and the most important one – is found, surprisingly, in… this week’s Torah portion, teaching us how to market spirituality in a materialistic world.
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4. HyperCacher in Paris: Not a Eulogy!
Peace is an essential Jewish value. The word appears in the Tanach 240 times, thousands of times in the Talmud and works of Jewish philosophy, and it is the word with which we greet one another – Shalom. But how can we ever find peace in our hostile world?
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5. Do You Believe in Miracles?
Do you believe in miracles? What even defines a miracle? Would you believe that you can become a miracle worker? What would it take? These questions arise as the Torah introduces to us the first miracle worker in history – Moses. What is the anatomy of a miracle, both ancient and modern?
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6. The War Against Apathy
The sermon traces the evolution of human kindness – from Abraham, through Sinai and its world-transforming laws (such as love your neighbor as yourself), to the spread of these values through American-style freedom and democracy and, finally, to the spreading embrace of human rights throughout the world.
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7. Hip-Hop: Lessons from Frogs
Hedging our bets may or may not work for fiscal investments, but it never works for living life to the utmost. This is because hedging in life does not allow us to realize our fullest potential. How do we know that? From frogs. Indeed, this is why they were the second plague visited upon Egypt.
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