Shoftim: Hope Amid Uncertainty



This week we entered the new lunar month of Elul – the month of love and compassion. But with the world in the state that it is – take the latest terrorist attack in Barcelona – it may be a bit difficult for some to feel beauty and hope.

No doubt, there is much beauty in the world. Humans continue to demonstrate noble acts of gallantry. In many little corners of the globe unsung heroes shine and illuminate their environments. But collectively we are living in troubled times, as if we needed to be told that.

But that is precisely the inside story of Elul, with its history and power going back some 3300 years ago – a story of betrayal and reconciliation, a story of rediscovering love in troubled times. Elul is a potent month filled with the power of hope, love and compassion – a month that enables us to find strength and courage in times of uncertainty and fear.

This is a two-part sermon:

Part I: A Month of Compassion – explains how G-d’s mercy is built into Elul and how we can use this time to access our true self, our soul, which is a part of the higher reality and the essence of all existence called G-d.

Part II: The Meaning of Elul – examines the five hidden messages within Elul’s name to help us truly understand the healing power inherent in this period of time.






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