Simchat Torah: Not a Time to Sermonize but a Time to Dance



the non-sermon

Do you know how to dance?

Why do Jews dance in circles?

Sometimes our legs hurt because we dance too much. Sometimes our legs hurt because we don’t dance enough.

On Simchat Torah our legs hurt if we don’t dance enough.

Simchat Torah is not about speeches or sermons but about joy and movement.

This sermon is about the “dangers” – the limitations – of sermons. So see this Simchat Torah missive as a non-sermon sermon – or the anti-sermon – extolling the power of dance over words.

There are two types of dances, the finite dance and the infinite dance – the give and take tango of two dancing partners, and the unified circle of one seamless dancer.

This sermon will teach you how to really dance. It will transform the way we see the dancing circle, the circling of the bimah, and the unity and joy of Simchat Torah.

Sometimes in life we have to tango; but in the most joyous of times it is time to circle.


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