Soul Driven Problem Solving



There are different ways people solve problems. Some, maybe most, try remedial solutions, addressing the immediate symptoms. Headache? Take Advil. Bruise? Apply a band-aid. By contrast, there are those that try to solve a dilemma at its root. And then there is preventive measures, that don’t allow problems to emerge in the first place. Some address challenges cerebrally, and others emotionally. Some go by instinct, others by research.

What is your preferred way of problem solving? Does it work? Are you perhaps trapped by distorted methods? Are you open to learning new ways to resolve issues and heal from hurt?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson as he tackles the issue of problem solving by presenting two models: the body driven model and the soul driven model. These models will help illuminate the way we approach difficulties. Learn to look at your life circumstances through the lens of your soul, and in turn discover new approaches and methods to problem solving.


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