The Spiritual Benefits Of Nature



Our relationship with nature is as fascinating as it is underappreciated. On one hand, we, our entire survival, is completely dependent on the intact health and balance of nature’s harmony. On the other hand, we are almost completely oblivious of this dependence. There was a time — particularly in the agricultural age — when we were acutely aware of our reliance on nature: we knew, for example, that our very sustenance was dependent on rainfall; the seasons regulated life activities. But today, technology has desensitized us. Nature hums quietly along, doing its thing to maintain the universe, without us even noticing.

Is that healthy? What are the implications of our detachment from the natural order in which we live? Are there deeper, psychological and spiritual dimensions to our connection with nature? How could we benefit from them?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson, in this New Year for Trees workshop, as he uncovers the hidden roots and origins of our symbiosis with nature, and how we can learn and grow from studying and experiencing nature. Discover how nature is not simply a backdrop and environment for our survival, but how we are intrinsically bound together in a synergetic song and dance of one glorious cosmic symphony.


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