Sukkot Day One: Shady Business: Sukkot and the Elections



Published: 10/17/16

The presidential elections are approaching. A more volatile, stranger and unpredictable race to the White House is hard to remember. Politics has turned into entertainment, if not plain farce. We have never seen anything like this before. What can Sukkot teach us about presidents, elections, leadership, and who to vote for? How are we Jews to view these elections?

Two candidates, one who refuses to release his tax returns, another who released state secrets to her private email. One with perplexing hair, both with Jewish heirs.

Should you vote Democrat or Republican?

Enter Sukkot, when we learn about leadership from the Ushpizin, the Jewish leaders of yore. Our leaders have taught us that we have one job to do – to turn the world of today, “David’s fallen sukkah,” into the world of tomorrow, the “sukkah of peace, which is spread over us, over the Nation of Israel…” and over all the world.

Building a sukkah and celebrating in it are the greatest election choices we can ever make.


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