Sukkot Day One: Do You Have a Spine?



Published: 2013


What is the secret to true joy?

It is hidden in the mitzvah of taking the four kinds – the etrog (citron),lulav (palm frond), hadas (myrtle) and aravah (willow). That, the Torah tell us, is how we rejoice on Sukkot.

But the obvious question arises: How do these four species bring joy?

We can understand how giving tzedaka to help the needy can bring joy and happiness to both giver and receiver. How dancing with the Torah is a joyous celebration. How sitting with family and friends and partaking of a festive meal in a sukkah is celebratory. How making l’chaim and eating a slice of challah dipped in honey is a sweet act.

But shaking four species of flora? How does this organic deed have the power to elicit elation and joy? And how, as many ask, is this archaic ritual relevant to our lives?

Four powerful, spine-tingling and heart-warming stories, teach us how the four species mirror our very bodies, each representing a key limb of the human experience – the spine, mouth, eyes and heart. When we examine the nature and shape of these four species, we discover one of the most critical and relevant messages we will ever hear:

There is no greater joy than knowing that what you are doing is what you should be doing.


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