Sukkot Day Two: Is Judaism Plural or Singular?



Is there room for pluralism in Judaism?

Judaism is a monotheistic religion, we believe in one G-d. But do Jews believe differently or all the same? Are we meant to be clones?

Why is the festival, which we are now celebrating, referred to in the plural (Sukkot) and not in the singular (Sukkah)?

Does your sukkah look like my sukkah? Should I be envious of your sukkah? Should you be envious of mine?

A pure story of a pure Jew kissing the schach of his sukkah in loving celebration of this holy mitzvah conveys the unique connection that every single Jew, regardless of association or affiliation has to G-d and G-d’s Torah.

The answer to our sermon’s title is not a spoiler, it is a refresher:

Judaism is singular. Jews are plural.


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