Sukkot Day Two: The Mystery of Crying Waters




Drawing Water, Painting Joy

Sukkot – the holiday of joy. But what happens if I don’t feel joyous? What can I do?

The answer lies in the pouring of the waters upon the altar in the Temple and the grand celebration of Simchat Beit HaShueva.

The answer lies in the mystery of the Crying Waters.

When God separated the Upper Waters and the Lower Waters, the Lower Waters began to cry. God comforted them by saying: “You shall be offered upon My altar on the Festival of Sukkot. And this shall symbolize the purpose of all of creation.”

We each have “crying waters” in our lives. The secret to joy is to access these “tears” and elevate them upon a Godly altar.

A beautiful parable of a water carrier and his cracked bucket demonstrates how our own cracks and “crying waters” contain tremendous power to nourish our souls and the earth beneath us so that it may flower and bloom.

And from that comes true joy.


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