Sukkot Day Two: Shadow of Faith




Are you a believer, an agnostic or an atheist? For that matter – the more important and preceding question should be – what exactly is faith? Is it a childish belief in fairytales, is it a crutch and absence of reason, or is something else entirely? How many people who proclaim to be people of faith are anything but? Witnessing religious fanaticism one has to wonder whether faith could even be a destructive force.

The self-proclaimed atheist and the rabbi … the thief who prays to God to help him success in his work … the Rebbe who put everything on the line in the name of his faith – which some would coolly dismiss as belief in the “radical immanence of God” – all help us learn the difference between faith and farce.

Filled with anecdotes and stories about atheists, agnostics and believers – this sermon shows us how the sukkah, which is called the “shadow of faith,” offers us an opportunity to revisit our faith and to discover how faith is one of the most powerful resources we have, if only we know how to use it and to integrate into our personal lives.


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