Sukkot: Saving Your Life… and the World




A two-part sermon: the first part focusing on the personal lessons of Sukkot, the second part focusing on the global lessons of Sukkot. These parts can stand alone and do not have to be given on the same day.

Asked a skeptic of a Jew: “Why in the world would you leave the climate-controlled comfort of your beautiful home to move into a fragile shack with little protection from the elements?”

Because a house is not always a home. Because a house that warms the body, sometimes chills the soul, as a moving letter from an anguished mother to her estranged daughter illustrates: “You saw our lavish home not as a majestic palace, but as a lifeless dungeon. More than anything, you craved for a warm hug rather than a numb fortress.”

Why do we leave our comfortable homes to move into something that looks like a poor excuse for a tool shed? To nourish the soul. To save the world. (Or at least to save America.) And above all, to save ourselves.

The profound psychological significance of the sukkah is that it teaches us how to cope with the false security of a materialistic world, offering us lessons that are more relevant today than ever.

A two-part look at the lessons of Sukkot – the personal and the global.


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