Summertime: What Are We Vacationing From?



Summer has finally arrived. After what we have been through in the last 18 months, we all can use a well deserved vacation. Just kickin’ off our shoes, laying back and relaxing. With no pressures, let’s just BBQ and have some fun.

But is that enough? Can the human spirit really survive on animal bliss alone, without some measure of healthy angst and restlessness? When we’re on the fast-paced merry-go-round or roller coaster of our lives, it’s difficult to step back and see our lives in perspective. But when we experience a transition — from winter to summer, from covid to post-covid, from gloom to hope — we have a break, an opportunity. As we enter the summer vacation season — vacation from the word vacate, to empty and be free — this is an excellent time to revisit the very nature of your life and its purpose. What is work and what is vacation? What exactly are we vacationing from?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson and experience a new type of “vacation” by using the breezy summer energy to probe deeper into the quality of your life. Do you live to work, or work to live? Does what you do define who you are or the other way around? Are you a physical being on a spiritual journey, or a spiritual being on a physical journey? (Or a physical being on a physical journey?) What is your mission in life?


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