Terumah: Are You Centered?



Are you centered?

If not, how do you find your center? And how do you help your children do the same?

The answer may be found in a perplexing and rather obscure miracle that took place while the Israelites were in the desert building the portable Tabernacle which would be the focus of God’s presence among them.

The blueprints called for a single solid bar to be inserted through the middle of all the planks that comprised the three walls of the Tabernacle, after the three walls were up.

How, pray tell, can one insert a solid bar through the middle of three walls and their inevitable corners?

Hence the miracle.

How relevant is this miracle for us today? What does this teach us about being centered, finding a center, and passing a center on to our loved ones?

In this core sermon you will find out. It is anchored and centered by a powerful story of a Chassidic Master analyzing yeshiva vs. university education with a compass and a circle.


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